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I am a Trauma and Gender-Affirming Therapist.


I specialize in working with clients who have experienced trauma, abuse, and/or neglect. I also enjoy working with transgender and nonbinary individuals. 


I am Curious – A Thinker and a Learner.

Pursuing knowledge is one of my great passions. I read so much! Growing my skills and expanding my library are definitely on my top ten favorite activities. Being knowledgeable allows me to shift gears and offer a different therapeutic approach when needed. I also enjoy self-reflection and benefit from a journaling practice. 

I am an Attentive and Compassionate Listener.

You get my full attention. I want to learn about you. No judgement. I model compassionate curiosity in my questions and responses so that you are encouraged to be compassionately curious with yourself. I check in to see if what we’re doing is working for you.

I am a Patient Teacher.

I use mindful self-compassion to teach you how to treat yourself kindly and to shore up healthy thinking patterns, IFS to heal wounded parts, and EMDR to process trauma. I understand it can take a while to develop new thoughts and behaviors and get the hang of doing things differently. No rush. No hurry. 

I am a Lover of Animals.

Bats and tigers are my favorite animals. And kitten season is my favorite season! I foster kittens for the humane society. I love watching the timid ones grow into confident critters who play with my dog and set boundaries with my cat. I get a sense of satisfaction when the hours of sitting quietly finally pay off and the feral beasts crawl into my lap. It’s a happy day when those little ones who struggle to eat food finally start gobbling it up. I see the kittens’ development as metaphors for my clients’ work or my work with my own fragile parts. 

I am Qualified to work with You.

I received my Master’s degree in Social work in 2013. I am a Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker, a Mental Health Professional, a Child Mental Health Specialist, and a Transgender Specialist. I’ve been trained in EMDR, IFS, and cognitive modalities. Besides professional training, my lived experiences give me insight. I supported a son and a step-daughter through gender transition and married a transman. I consider myself a Q. I know what it’s like to face depression and anxiety and to work through the fallout of a dysfunctional family.

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