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It can be confusing and scary to realize you do not fall within the gender binary or that your gender is different than the one you were assigned at birth.


I have knowledge, passion, and experience working with gender non-binary and transgender individuals of all ages. I provide a safe environment where you can explore who you are. You can express your pain, doubts, fears, and victories, and I will not deny your experience or gatekeep to other medical care. 

I became interested in learning more about gender diversity when my child came out as trans at 13. Since then, I have attended many trainings, counseled many trans and nonbinary folx, and married a transman who has a trans daughter. While I haven't had the lived experience of gender transitioning, I have supported many folx on their journey. My own identity is best described at this time as queer demigirl.


I provide gender affirming care. That does not mean we rush to transition. Gender affirming care means we explore your gender identity without judgement. It also means that we discuss options and the risks, benefits, and alternatives to each. 


In our sessions we might address gender dysphoria, depression and anxiety that often accompany being in a gender minority; coming out; and issues that have little to do with gender orientation. We explore possible interventions, but I never try to talk you into anything or out of anything. I do provide information so you can make informed choices. I can write letters in support of medical transition if that is something you desire. (If you are just seeking a letter, try GALAP) I treat in accordance with the standards of care set by The World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH).

If you are a teen, I want to include your family in some of our conversations. Trans folx have the best mental health outcomes when they are supported by family. We come together to build understanding and agreement. 


Family members also need support as they make the adjustment to their loved one's gender exploration and/or transition. I provide therapy to family members and other allies who want to process their own thoughts and feelings about this experience. 


It can be scary to start off on a new path, even though it’s one your heart longs for. Schedule your 15-minute free consultation to see if you want me as your ally. 

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