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Do any of these sound familiar? 


I’m smart and really want to make some changes, but I just can’t seem to make progress on my own.


I keep having thoughts like “I’m not good enough” and “I can’t do it right”. These thoughts

are getting in my way. 

I’m always on edge, expecting the worst.

I know I need to set boundaries; but I don’t know how, and I feel guilty. 

I'm overwhelmed and exhausted all the time. 



Whether your overwhelm is due to stressful situations, out of control emotions, a difficult childhood, trauma, or anxiety, feeling overwhelmed is exhausting. You have trouble sleeping, which leads to irritability, conflict, lack of presence, and more stress! You feel bad much of the time, and bad about yourself. You don’t know how to deal with this distress or get over it. You feel guilty and have panic attacks, and you don’t have much hope for the future. Your life feels like it’s getting smaller and smaller as you avoid people and places. You’re tired of your “issues” being the center of your life. 

You want to feel better. You want more joy. You want to manage your emotions not be controlled by them. Going from sitting alone at home to really connecting with people would be a welcome change. You long to feel brave enough to stand up for yourself and state your truth. You want to love yourself and feel worthy of all the good things in life.

You are ready for a change, and together we can create it!


Using EMDR and IFS we can

• change your thinking patterns to reduce suffering 

• develop skills to manage emotions so they don’t control your life

• practice feeling safe in the moment and savoring the present

• increase your curiosity and self-compassion

• heal your trauma 

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