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How to Become More Self-Aware


In previous posts, I defined self-awareness:

Self-awareness is about knowing yourself- your thoughts, emotions, values, beliefs, and bodily sensations.

I also discussed the importance of self-awareness:

If you are self-aware, you know what’s important to you. You know what you want. You know how you feel and what you believe. Self-awareness keeps you from getting taken over by your emotions or others’ and keeps you on course.

Building Self-Awareness

To become more self-aware, spend time listening to yourself. Journaling, meditating, and quiet walks in nature can provide opportunities for you to notice what comes up in your body and mind. Engaging in activities that allow you to get into a flow state allows your mind to wander. Notice what you think about.

Here are a few questions to write or think about as you get to know yourself better:

• What are the 3 most important things to me?

• What do I hope other people notice about me?

• When do I feel safest? What about those situations make me feel safe?

• How does my body tell me I’m in danger?

• What is one of my happiest memories?

Body Scan

Body Scan is another exercise to build self-awareness. Close your eyes and begin scanning slowly through your body, starting at the crown of your head and ending with your feet. As you scan, notice any discomfort, neutrality, or pleasant sensations. For example, you might notice your shoulders are tight, your stomach is wiggly, and you barely notice the backs of your calves. Also notice if there are thoughts or emotions that accompany the sensations. Is there dread? Relaxation? A thought that you’d rather be doing something else instead?

The Purpose

The point of Body Scan, or any self-awareness exercise, isn’t to change or fix anything. It’s to practice noticing your internal experience: your thoughts, sensations, and emotions. The purpose is to get to know yourself more deeply.

You are fascinating!

Are there other practices you use to build self-awareness?

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