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Welcome to Penny Thoughts: My Thoughts about Trauma, Transgender, Mental Health, and Kittens!

Updated: Dec 23, 2022

Hello and welcome!

This blog was inspired by my waitlist. I am, and every therapist I know is, full and keeping a waitlist of clients seeking care. During COVID it became clear that there aren’t enough therapists to meet the need for mental health support. Through my blog and You Tube Channel (not yet live) I hope to offer support to people on waitlists, those who haven’t yet made a call to a therapist, and clients who are between appointments. Lots of information that therapists share can be learned outside of therapy. I want to provide that for you.

Photo of a person standing alone on a shore, waiting.

Licensed Social Worker

I am a licensed clinical social worker and have been providing therapy since 2013. I have a private practice and work primarily with adults and adolescents. I specialize in trauma and transgender/nonbinary.


I grew up in a dysfunctional family. Today we might say “raised by emotionally immature/narcissistic/emotionally unavailable parents”. I work with folks who also have relational and other forms of trauma. My go-to methods are EMDR and IFS.

Child Development

My first adult occupation was as an educator. I worked with infants through college, with most of my experience in preschool and kindergarten. I know a good deal about child development, learning styles, and parenting.

Transgender and Nonbinary

My own child offered parenting challenges, being neurodiverse and transgender. Their coming out began my search for information on gender nonconformity. I now work with folx who are questioning their gender or are in the process of gender transition. I also work with trans and nonbinary folx who are in therapy to work on issues that most therapy clients have: depression, anxiety, interpersonal relationships, trauma, stress, or life dissatisfaction.

DBT, Self-Compassion, and Mental Health

My child is grown now, but during adolescence I wasn’t sure we’d get here. During those rough years, I became intimately familiar with DBT. I believe DBT skills can be lifesaving and life-enriching. I frequently share DBT wisdom to help people create “a life worth living”.

Another life changing approach is self-compassion. I am a strong believer in being gentle and accepting of yourself and others as opposed to being judgmental. Being critical adds insult to injury and does not help us heal. Treating ourselves with patience and kindness, practicing good self-care and self-soothing, and honoring our needs, thoughts, and emotions is Neosporin on our wounds.

Please Visit Again

But what about the kittens? Check back to see what kittens can teach us about ourselves.

Join me – and the kittens – as we build self-awareness, self-care, self-compassion, and self-actualization.


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